Our Mission – To give children and families from all backgrounds an equal opportunity to have access to books attending a reading/literature festival.

There are currently 350 literature festivals in the UK. We would like more emphasis on encouraging children, with an increased number of dedicated children’s festivals.

Over the coming months, we would like to promote literature/reading festivals with a child's element in the UK. If you would like to promote yours, large or small, please complete the form on the contact page.

It is our aim to organise and take reading festivals into Towns, that don't currently have representation. This will be a work in progress. If you are available to offer any help or have any ideas that will help take some of these forward, we would be very grateful.  

We would also like to know if you are thinking of setting up a festival in a new area. Please contact us and we will be happy to assist or advise wherever we can.  

We look forward to promoting more children's events throughout the UK.   


We are currently looking for more ambassadors, to help us encourage children reading from an early age
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Author Spotlight

Meet our special guest children's author

Giles Paley-Phillips

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Upcoming Festivals

Jan-Apr - An invitation to capture the primary school nation

7-18 Feb - Imagine Childrens Festival

24 Feb - Between the Lines Sheffield

1-31 Mar - Essex Book Festival

2-10 Mar - Tamworth Literary Festival 

8-18 Mar - Huddersfield Literature Festival

15-25 Mar - Bourneville Bookfest

17-25 Mar - Oxford Literary Festival

20-23 Jun - Blackburn Children's Reading Festival

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Special thanks to Ric Lumb who provided the illustrations for the website and initiative - www.puttycad.co.uk